Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Soda Stream

Jason and I have been back and forth on whether to get a Soda Stream or not. It seems like a cool idea but I didn't want to get one thinking it would be cost effective without actually running the numbers. When I say I ran the numbers, I really mean it. I broke down each component needed to make soda (even the machine itself) to find out the cost per liter and per can. Number are my thing, so if I was going to do it I was doing to do it right.

What I found out was actually surprising. When sodas aren't on sale the Soda Stream version is much cheaper per liter and can. When packaged sodas are on sale both they and the Soda Stream version is about the same. Plus the Soda Stream bottles are concentrated and lighter than lugging 12 packs or 2 liters of soda around. It's also better for the environment not to have all the extra packaging. Although we do recycle.

Before now we had steady supply of Coke reward points to cash in for free 12 pack coupons (see earlier posts for details) but that supply has sadly ran out. We will still enter the codes when we get them and of course get our free 12 pack coupons when we can, but we don't have enough to keep up with our usage anymore.

So, we decided to go for it and order the Soda Stream. I had a coupon (big surprise) and some Kohl's cash to use plus Kohl's had a $10 rebate on the model we bought. It will end up costing us around $55.00 for the starter pack. I also had $9 reward money from Staples (again, see earlier posts for details) to use as well. I went to Staples today and got a bottle of the caffeine free diet soda for me and the cherry soda for Jason to get us started. For both bottles I only had to pay $1.01 out of pocket for these.

We also participate in the Swagbucks search engine so we can cash our points in for Amazon gift cards and get more of our Soda Stream supplies from there too making it even cheaper to own. (You can also get the details for Swagbucks in earlier posts).

We haven't received the Soda Stream yet, but I'll be sure to let you know how we like it when we get it and try it out.

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