Friday, November 8, 2013

New Bed for Sofie

Years ago I bought Sofie a Dora the Explorer kids play tent at a yard sale and she's been using it every winter since to sleep in. She's very cold-natured so she likes to burrow and be warm, which is why she liked the tent so much. I would throw a blanket over it to keep in more heat. Yes, she is very spoiled! The tent worked great but it is so ugly and since it's used in our bedroom I wanted something that looked a little better.

Here's the tent:

It has seen better days.

Next I bought a used Pack N Play.

I cut out the front mesh panel to give her a door and also made sure she would use it before going further. She liked it as you see.

I found some denim in my fabric stash that matched the color pretty well and made a simple cover for it to keep the heat in.

One of Sofie's beds fit perfectly in the bottom to give her some cushion and warmth.

I think she likes it, what do you think? I paid $15 for the Pack N Play and already had the denim material so it was also a pretty thrifty bed.

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