Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cheap and Easy, Meals that is!

I love meals that are cheap and easy. I don't always have the energy or motivation to make a meal from scratch, so I love having meals in the freezer just waiting on me. One of our favorite meals for this is spaghetti. Since I have an unnatural hatred for onions, it's hard to find a spaghetti sauce at the grocery store that doesn't have them in it. So, I've always just made my own sauce. It's tons cheaper, quick and I make it the way I like it - onion free! I also make it in bulk and freeze it for super quick meals.

To start I purchased a large can of tomato sauce from Sam's for $3.18.

Then I poured that in a bowl and added my spices. You can also warm it on the stove with the spices too, but I have found that it taste the same either way, so why bother with the stove and extra cleaning.

I added oregano, garlic salt, Italian seasoning and the Nature's Seasons blend. You can add what you like or just what you have on hand. I keep adding and tasting until the tomato taste if blended well with the spices. I will warn you though to not get the mixture too spicy because it does get a stronger taste once prepared.

With every thing mixed up, I simply put the sauce in freezable containers and of course freeze then!

For me and Jason I was able to get 10 meal size portions from the 1 can of tomato sauce. That's right, 10 meals of sauce for a total of $3.18!!!  That's .38 cents a meal for the sauce!!!

The sauce thaws well on defrost in the microwave as well. Simply thaw and heat it up, that's it. We like angel hair pasta which cooks in 3 to 5 minutes, so within 5 minutes or so I can have homemade spaghetti on the table with little effort. I also like buying ground beef in bulk and browning it all at once and freezing it in small portions that can be added to meals like this in a snap. You can add ground beef, veggies or whatever fresh ingredients you like before serving as well.

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