Sunday, March 17, 2013

Made a chicken run

If you've never read about me and chicken, check out some of my earlier posts on chicken, complete with pictures. For this post I won't slow you down with my step by step process. In a nutshell, I buy the bone-in, split chicken breast when I can get them for $.97 - $.99 per pound.

This time I bought 6 packs with an average cost of $2.80 per pack. There were 2 breast portions per pack but they were all HUGE! Seriously, like the Dolly Partons of chicken.

I removed the skin from all breasts and cut away the fillet portion to create my own, skinless, boneless chicken breast. Next, I threw what was left of the check breast portion into a pot to boil. You would be shocked at how much chicken is still left on there.

Now, Jason and I go through the cooked, shredded chicken much faster than any need for the whole breast, so I also throw all but 4 of the cut away breast portions in too to boil. (The reason I didn't leave them in tact if I was going to boil them away if for more even cooking times with the rest of the breasts portions).

After boiling, Jason and I picked the cooked chicken off the bone and pinched up the cooked chicken breast fillets and sectioned the meat out into baggies that will be frozen. This time we were able to get 15 bags of meal-size portions of cooked chicken for us. We use these for pizzas, quesadillas, enchiladas, pot pies, and a ton more recipes. We also have the 4 raw chicken breast portions that were also put into baggies and frozen as well.

So, for roughly $16.80 and a little time on Thursday, we were about to get 17 meal-size portions (for us) of chicken prepped and ready. I can't tell you how much money this has saved us and even more time. It takes no time at all to defrost the shredded chicken and it's ready to go.

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