Monday, February 11, 2013

New (to me) TV for my sewing studio

I mentioned earlier than I'm sewing more now. When I purchased my new longarm machine and frame I needed more room than I had available upstairs so I moved my sewing studio into our basement. It's an unfinished basement but my very sweet husband has been doing what he can to make it a great space for me. Plus, having all that space is wonderful and I'm much more organized now that I have lots of pegboard to use.

My longarm frame is 10 feet wide, so you can see the need for space. I usually spend 2 or more hours at a time in the studio so Jason put a small TV down there for me to watch or just listen to music on. Well, it was pretty small and I had to squint a lot to see it but was grateful to have it nonetheless.

Then I was in the Habitat for Humanity resale store on Friday (to get more cabinet knobs) and saw that they had their televisions 75% off. Wow! I checked out the supply and found a 25" TV that would fit the bill nicely and get this, I only paid $12.50 for it!!!!

They had the televisions playing so I knew that it worked and a nice young man at the store even carried it to the front for me and then to my car for loading.

If you have a Habitat store, Salvation Army or Goodwill store in your area, make sure to check them out frequently. There are all kinds of goodies waiting for you.

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