Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stretching your clothing dollar

I honestly dress better second-hand than I would be able to if I bought the items new in a retail store setting. Last week I found 11 tops at the Goodwill store and only paid $55 total for all 11 tops. Every single one of the tops were designer/name brand items some of which would have cost more new than I paid for all 11.

The store I went to had dressing rooms so that I knew each shirt would fit before I bought it. I got names brands such as Talbots, Cold Water Creek, etc. all for less that $5 each.

I love being able to dress well for less. I do like nice, quality clothing, but I love getting it at rock-bottom prices. Honestly, the items that I got looked practically brand new. I brought them home, washed them and now I have great new additions to my wardrobe that didn't break the bank.

I also check for clothing at yard sales as well. People get tired of what they have or their weight changes and you can take advantage of that. Everyone wins.

Don't be afraid to try second-hand clothing. You can find unique pieces to spice up your look for next to nothing.

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