Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easy way to save on those energy bills

I recently found an item that I wanted to share with you that not only cuts down on your energy costs, but also has great additional features as well.

It's tinted window film. For my purposes, I chose the black film that would not only cut down on the heat from the sunlight, but also on the sunlight as well. You can still see through the window but the film cuts down on a lot of the light that comes in. This is perfect for people who sleep during the day because of shift work, or people like us who go to bed early (when it's still daylight outside) because Jason has to get up so early for work.

There are also a lot of other types of film that just have the energy savings, have mirrored effects, and many other decorative styles that all still help out with your energy savings.

I'll admit that I was nervous at first thinking that it was going to be horrible to try and put it, but it was pretty easy. It is really simply to put on the windows, very quick and almost fool proof.

Check out the difference in our office with just one window done with the black film. See you can still see out from the inside but it cuts a ton of glare out and lots and lots of heat. Our office gets super hot in the summer, so this will help out.

Here's a picture of the first window that I finished in our bedroom. I honestly think it adds to the view (until I covered it with the blinds and blackout curtains). It also helps us out when we go to bed to have a dark bedroom to sleep in even though it's still light outside. The blackout curtains and blinds were just not dark enough.

Check out the difference on the floor with the sun shining in. I put one foot on the left side (shaded) and one foot in the right side (not covered yet) and there was a huge temperature difference in just a few minutes of putting up the film on the left side.

The product that I used was easily found at our local home improvement stores and was honestly pretty cheap. Our bedroom windows were done completely with 2 boxes of film at $16.32 per box. I know we're going to get that money back very fast this summer when it's cooler in the house and we don't have to run the air so much.

The product not only blocks out the heat in the summer, but also keeps your heat inside in the winter to help with heating cost. You can check out the product website for the brand you choose for more information, videos and tons more information.

So far I've done the bedroom windows and the office windows, and I still plan on doing the windows in our garage. We're lucky that most of our heat comes in the back windows, so I don't have to do a thing to any of the front windows.

Here's to saving money and staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter for less.

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