Monday, January 16, 2012

Wheeling and Dealing at CVS again

I'm on a good bit of strong medicine and so I need to take an acid reducer each day to protect my stomach from these medicines. I normally get either Prilosec, Prevacid or the store brand depending on which one I can cheaper or get a better deal on.

Well, I noticed last week that CVS had their store brand acid reducer as part of a deal that if you spend $30 on certain items, you would get a $10 CVS gift card free. I checked the coupons that I had for the name brand medicines and price checked at Publix (I had double coupons there) but the CVS deal was still the better deal hands down. Now, I noticed when I was reading the ad that there was a limit of 5 free gift cards per person per week. I thought to myself, who would spend $150.00 on something in one week? Well apparently this chick, that's who. The more I thought about it and did the math, I would be saving a lot of money with this deal and have enough acid reducers to last me about 9 months. I mean, I have to take them everyday so it's not like they won't get used.

So, in the end I came home with 6 of the 42 count boxes and 2 of the 14 count boxes which is enough to last me a little over 9 months and actually had me spending only about half per month what I had been spending for it with coupons.

AND the best part, I also came home with $50 in CVS gift cards that I can use on anything. I plan on using them to earn Extra Care Bucks and see how long I can go without spending any of my money at CVS.