Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chicken Math

I won't bore you to death with more pictures of me getting chicken ready for the freezer but I did want to pass along some of the information.

If you're new to the blog, I like to buy skin-on, bone-in chicken breast when they get to around .98 cents per pound. Then I remove the skin, take kitchen scissors and remove the breast part of the chicken (the boneless breast fillet) and then boil the rest of the chicken. I'm able to pull tons of chicken off what's left after it has cooked. I pinch it off the ribs and put it in baggies. It's cooked and ready to go for all kinds of meals. There is a ton of information and pictures earlier in the blog if you're interested.

Well, I bought 4 packs of chicken the other day for .98 center per pound and spent about $17.00 total for the 4 packs. Jason and I processed the chicken today and were able to get 13 meals out of it including the cooked shredded chicken and the chicken breasts that I froze raw. That breaks down to around $1.31 per meal for the chicken. Pretty good in my book.

I was also thinking about what you get for your money as I was doing this. The chicken breast that I get when I do this are HUGE! The comparison between these breast and the boneless, skinless breast that you pay $2 or $3 per pound for is like comparing Dolly Parton to a fashion runway model. So, even if you didn't want to cook the remaining breast for the extra meat and just cut the breast portion off, you would still be getting a much larger piece of chicken for a fraction of the cost. And all you had to do was pull a small amount of skin off and take the scissors to the breast portion. Not much work, but a lot of savings. Of course, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the remaining chicken of course. I can sometimes get as much as 3 pounds of cooked shredded chicken just from what's left on the bone after I cut the breast portions off.

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