Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Coke and a smile!

If you've read the blog before, you know that I rarely pay for Coke products. I use the "my coke rewards" program as much as I can. 

To refresh your memory, there are codes on the lids and cardboard boxes for Coke. You can enter these codes into a free account on and you will be awarded points for the codes you enter. Then you can redeem your points for all kinds of things. Some options are magazine, products, event tickets and the one that I like the most, coupons for free coke products. For 240 points, I can get a coupon for a free 12 pack! I get these as often as a I can.

I don't run out and use my free 12 pack coupons as soon as I get them though. I save them up and use them when it benefits me the most. (The coupons have a long expiration date but do keep an eye on it).

Some grocery stores will run specials on Coke that if you buy a certain number of 12 packs, then you get 1 or 2 free. This is when I use my free 12 pack coupons.

For example, recently one of my favorite stores ran a special that if you bought 2 packs of Coke, then you would get 1 free. That means that I can get 3 packs of Coke, but only have to use 2 of my free 12 pack coupons. I mean, I'm getting them all for free but I am able to stretch the coupons out more to get even more free products.  For this particular sale I had 6 of the free 12 pack coupons to use and I turn those into 9 free 12 packs and got everything for free!!!!!

It gets even better! Remember that those 9 free 12 packs that I just got have more Coke reward points on them, so it just keeps the cycle going to help me earn more points and more free Cokes.

I don't think that I have actually paid for Cokes in years.

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