Friday, October 28, 2011

Using Manufacturer Sites for Extra Savings

If you need an item or find yourself using a particular product all the time, isn't it great to be able to save money when you buy it. There isn't always a coupon in your local newspaper for the item you need or when you need it, but all is not lost.

You can always go to the manufacturer's site directly and check for promotions and special savings coupons. I decided to buy a certain type of cleaner recently and didn't have a coupon for the item but when I went to the website for the manufacturer, I found a $3.00 off coupon just waiting for me.

I wish that I could get that at every website I check, but it doesn't always work that well. There is still another way to get specific product coupons though. You can send a letter or an email to the product that you love and let them know how much you like them and why. A lot of times they will send you coupons for money off their product or even coupons for free products. It doesn't hurt to try. I mean the worse thing that will happen is that you get a "thank you" response and no coupons.

Another thing that you can find on the manufacturer websites are rebates. If you're buying the product anyway with or without coupons, why not check to see if you can get some money back on your purchase.

I've seen a lot of rebates that end up making the product free in the end or even giving you back more than you paid for the product (called a money maker).

Good luck with your searches and money saving shopping.

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