Sunday, September 11, 2011

Start your own side business

Do you have a good eye for great items and quality? There is a great deal of money to be made from buying items at a low cost and selling them online or at garage sales. Of maybe you already have items that you no longer want and wouldn't mind selling.

You can check out garage sales, auctions and thrift stores for lost treasures. This could be designer purses, clothing, collectibles, books, music, anything. There could be someone right this very minute that would buy something you have. People collect all sorts of things and frequent the online markets for stuff to buy. Why not buy it from you?

Sites like EBay and Craigslist are very easy to use and reach a huge market for you. I have sold items to people in other countries and all over the United States. Sometimes, it's on items that you might think no one would ever want.

The secret is to know a good thing when you see it and get it at a good price so that you will have more profit for yourself. I also recommend checking out the items that are hot and selling great online. That way you know what sells and around what price you could get for it when selling.

I bought a big box full of purses one time at an auction and paid $12.00 for the entire box of them. I noticed right away(before I bought them) that most of them were very high-priced designer purses. I ended up selling them online and locally for a profit of around $250.00. The people who got them were happy with getting designer purses at a great deal and I made money.

Remember when you're out going through items, it may not be something you want for yourself, but would it sell easily and can you get it cheap? If so, take a chance and see if you can make some extra money.

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