Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I bet most young people today don't even know what that word means. If you want or need something, well you just go out and buy it right? I really think bartering is a lost gem that needs to make a comeback.

If I need a chainsaw for example, chances are that I really don't need a chainsaw year round, I just need to use one for a very limited time. Why would I want to spend the money to purchase my own chainsaw when I could borrow one from a neighbor or friend? Then I could loan an item that I own to that person or provide some of my time for them. Everyone wins.

I get the use of an item (or service) I need and the other person gets the same, all without having to spend any money. You can even start out with the barter offer. If I have a single neighbor that I know owns an item I need to use, I could offer to cook them a home-cooked meal in exchange for using that item. Most people would love to do that. Plus you get to know people better.

Do any of you barter? Well, tell me about it. If not, let's all try to barter something soon and share our results.

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