Saturday, August 27, 2011

Plenty to Read

One more great thing about couponing has been the information that I've gotten from the coupon blogs. I love magazines and all the magazines that you see here were given to me free. I'm not talking about a sample issue either, but 1-3 year free subscriptions.

The coupon blogs will usually give you the link or information on how to get yours. Sometimes you have to answer a quick survey or something similar but that's it! You don't have to give a credit card number or anything other than you name and address. It's that simple and it does work, as you can see.

Some of the magazines that we get are Shape, Martha Stewart Living, Dog Fancy, Popular Science, Body & Soul, Women's Day, Town & Country, Fast Company, Marie Claire, Fitness, and a few more that I'm sure I'm forgetting about. There is nothing like free entertainment, plus a lot of the magazines have coupons in them too.

So keep your eye out while you scan the coupon blogs for free subscriptions.

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