Tuesday, July 12, 2011

E-Readers vs. Real Books

I will admit that I sometimes wish I had an e-reader, but there are a few hurdles that I just can't seem to overcome enough to purchase one. I wanted to put some pros and cons down to see how they stack up against each other.

Lighter to hold than real book
Able to hold many books at one time which is more portable
Easy to read at night (has its own light)
Can download free books from library (but nobody I know with these does that)

A little expensive to buy the device
Each book cost an average of $10.00
You probably miss out on great books you wouldn't see by ordered online
There is no resell value to the books
It would be sad to see this replace real books

Real Books:
Don't have to worry about battery life
Can be checked out for free at library or bought very cheaply second hand
Can be resold to make some of your money back if bought
Can carry them places that might damage the electronic devices
Books have history and beauty to them

Bulkier to deal with than e-readers
Need additional light to read at night

I guess from actually putting my thoughts down on paper than I will be sticking with good old-fashioned real books. I have nothing against the e-readers and they seem to be great but at this point I'm just not willing to pay for every book I read then delete it. Maybe at some point I will be, because it being easier on my hands does interest me. I love being able to browse through books and seeing what interest me. Also, if I had e-books what would I put on my bookshelves? Just kidding.

What are your thoughts on the subject.


  1. I've been contemplating getting an e-reader for awhile now, so this was the perfect blog. I always wonder what to do with a real book after I've bought it and read it. I usually pass them on, but I often get stuck with some of the books I buy. I've been scoping out the selection for some readers (I live in Canada) and it's really not that great. I would love to have it for my daily commute, but takings books out from the library is just so cheap and easy. Oh, I don't know what to do! :)

  2. I'm with you. I think I would like one but just can't get past paying for the one time use of the e-books then deleting them. If it helps you decide, I found out that you also download the e-books to laptops, desktop computers, tablets, netbooks, etc. If you have one of these devices already you could download a few books and see how you like reading that way before spending money on the e-reader. Let me know how it goes!

  3. You might delete them from the e-reader but you can store them on your computer or an external drive for as long as you want. If I like a book, I want to keep it and they take up too much space. e-books solve this problem. I love my kindle...I can also read pdfs etc (work materials), super convenient for commuting and holiday travel.