Saturday, June 18, 2011

Walmart Trip, Saturday, June 18th

I went into town today to get a new perm (and bangs) and also to go by Walmart for a little coupon magic.

It's funny that I buy so many multiples of two! But I have two subscriptions to the Sunday newspaper so that I have at least two of each coupons to use on buy one get one deals.

I spent $31.44 out of pocket and saved $55.74. Not too bad. Some of the items Walmart actually paid me to take which helped out with the other items.

For example, I had Dial Body Wash coupons that took off $2.00 per bottle but there was no size restriction on the coupon. The trial size of the Dial Body Wash is only $.97 but as part of Walmart's new coupon policy, I got the full $2.00 value of the coupon. So, I made $1.03 on each of the two bottles that I got. I also made a little money on the vitamins.

Anyone else have a good haul today?

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