Sunday, June 19, 2011

Using coupons to expand your horizons

I love trying new items out. You just never know when something great is going to come out and become your next favorite thing. It's true that sometimes you try new items and end up hating them, but here is where the beauty of coupons comes in.

Whenever a new item is released the company usually also releases high value coupons for that item. The stores also normally run specials on the new items as well. Both the company and the stores do this to encourage you to try the product (of course hoping you become hooked on it and continue to purchase it with or without coupons or sales).

This is the time when you can get the new items for little to no money and sometimes you're even able to stock up on the item. This way you can try out the new items and if you don't like them you haven't invested hardly anything (or nothing) into it and won't feel bad for not using it.

Let's say you've used this time to stock up on the item before having a chance to try it out and end up not liking it. You can always share with your family, neighbors, friends or local shelters! There again, you are able to give to others without spending very much of your money.

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