Friday, June 3, 2011

Staples Ink Recycling Rewards

Another way that Jason and I save money is to participate in the Staples ink recycling rewards program. For every ink cartridge that I turn in to Staples for recycling, they award me with $2.00 for each one that I bring in. The awards or reward money is added to your Staples reward account and you can print the vouchers off from your computer to take to Staples and use just like cash. You're allowed to turn in 10 cartridges a month so there is a potential to receive $20.00 a month just for recycling.

When you print online coupons like I do, you tend to use more ink than normal so I go through the cartridges faster than I would like. It's nice to be able to get some money back on them to help with the next purchase of ink. You could also collect the cartridges from your office, school or friends that aren't using a recycling program already.

I have used my Staples rewards to get coupon binders, office supplies and all kinds of things for free that I would have otherwise not gotten or had to pay for. Even if you don't need office supplies you can get cleaning supplies, snacks, toilet paper and paper towels there as well which I think most people use.

You can go to or check in the store the next time you in to sign up for the rewards card (its free) and get started.

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