Thursday, June 16, 2011

Like a moth to the flame

It has been said of me that I have a built in clearance radar/homing beacon. I can usually find the mark downs in any store, even if I've never been there before (it's a gift).

I always try to check out the clearance items when I'm in a store. You can still use coupons on clearance items making the savings even bigger also. I have gotten some amazing deals from the clearance section even without coupons.

Some store (especially smaller stores) will receive the same size shipments as their much larger counterparts. They quickly run out of space for things and will put lots of great items out for clearance to make room. These items are still good and/or in great shape, they're just taking up needed room.

Jason works for potato chip company and is in and out of stores all day long. He has one smaller store he loves because it seems like their clearance buggy always has great stuff we love marked down really low. It's like they put it out there just for us. We have even nicknamed it "the magic buggy".

So, the next time you're in a store of any kind, check out their clearance items. Maybe you'll find some magic of your own.

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