Saturday, June 11, 2011

Have I mentioned that I love Publix?

It's like my second home, but that's okay, they're nice there and they give me stuff. I went after work on Friday to hit a few of the deals and was able to get what you see in the picture for $16.33 and saved $24.73.
They were out of a few of the advantage ad deals but I have plenty of time to try for them again.

That's 3 bags of croutons, 4 bags of rice blends, 2 diet cokes, 4 bottles of lotion, 3 bottles of regular mustard, 2 bottles of spicy mustard, sliced cheese, ham, salami and capicola (from the deli) all for $16.33.

I had an earlier trip in the week where I needed to get things we were out of (I know shocking that I was out of something, but it happens) and stuff to actually make meals out of. I was thinking it was going to be nasty at the register but I was still able to get out for around $62.00 and saved $47.00. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I did just doing to the best I could. I figure if I'm saving money, it's all good.

I do love the trips where I cherry pick the ads and get out for a tiny bit of money, but you still need filler items to be able to make meals to eat. If you can do that and still save some money, that's still a great job in my book. I just don't have countless hours to pour over all the possible deals and go to multiple stores and I'm sure many of you don't either.

I recommend doing the best you can do and still have fun with it, save some money when you can and get on with living your life. I look at saving money on groceries as allowing me to have more money to use towards debt freedom, but also to enjoy our lives. Life is much too short to stress over groceries.


  1. Great haul! I have a dial body wash $2 coupon, and Publix has dial body wash/soap B1G1 free, so I'm going to go get that tomorrow!

  2. Gracie, if you only want one of the Dial Body Wash, Publix will let you buy just one at half price and allow you to use your coupon if it is $2.00 off 1.