Monday, June 20, 2011

CVS Lunch Hour Trip, 6/20/11

I'm still on a roll with CVS. I went at lunch today and got what you see in the picture for $12.98, then got $15.48 back in Extra Care Bucks! That's like being paid $2.50 to take the stuff off their hands. I love being able to let my Extra Care Bucks ride to the next sale and use them to generate more bucks....and so on...and so on. Wow, I had a Prell Shampoo commercial flashback from the 80's I think.

I left the Hershey's Bliss Chocolate at work, but brought the bag home to put in the picture. I'm not a saint though, I did partake of a few before putting them out at the office.

Now I'll have to go check out the sales ad for next week and see what I can use my bucks on.

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