Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CVS Lunch Haul 6/27

I'm still on a roll at CVS this week. I am starting to slow down some though. I started the trip off with getting the new Lysol Healthy Touch starter kit and some refills of the soap.

Transaction # 1

$12.99     Starter Kit
    4.29     Soap Refill
    4.29     Soap Refill
$21.57     Subtotal
-  3.00     Coupon for Starter Kit
-15.48     Extra Care Bucks from last week
$  3.09     New sub total
    1.51     Tax
$  4.60     Total Out of Pocket

Oh, but wait, you know there is more. With the Lysol deal I got back $10.00 in Extra Care Bucks!

Transaction # 2

$6.97      2 Bottles of Pantene Shampoo
  1.76      2 Bottles of Palmolive Dish Liquid
  3.39      1 Box of Saltines (no deals, we just needed them)
$12.12    Subtotal
-  3.00     Pantene Coupon
-    .25     Palmolive Coupon
-    .25     Palmolive Coupon
$  8.62    New Subtotal
-  8.62     Paid with Extra Care Bucks from Transaction # 1
Zero        Out of Pocket.

And I got $2.00 Extra Care Bucks back from this transaction for the Pantene Shampoo. So, I still have a tiny bit of bucks still to play with. Or maybe I'll just buy myself something pretty for all my hard work.

Basically, I got everything you see in the picture for $4.60 out of pocket and still got $2.00 back in Extra Care Bucks to spend on something else. I think that's pretty good since the starter kit alone was $12.99 when I got started.

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