Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Are you loyal?

This is my loyalty card keyring. I started acquiring so many of the keyring cards that I put them on a ring by themselves so that I didn't have to deal with them each time I used my car/house keys.

I think it's smart to always check to see if your favorite stores have loyalty programs. If you are shopping there anyway, why not earn points, coupons or free items? For example, I just went to Kmart on my lunch break to look for pool floats (they had the ones I wanted--yes!) and I gave the cashier my Kmart Rewards Card when I checked out. She checked the card and I had earned $2.50 in rewards that I could put towards my purchase. We don't really even shop there that much but I had still earned a little bit.

There are tons of stores now that have their own rewards and/or loyalty programs (hence the separate keyring) that give you an opportunity to get rewarded for spending your money with that store.

I also consider these programs when I need to buy something that is sold pretty much everywhere. If it is something that runs similar pricing everywhere, I go to the store that gives me the most cash back rewards or other incentives. I might as well make the purchase help me out a little too.

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  1. I have a coin purse with a keyring on the zipper. This way I can keep my loyalty card that are the size of a credit card out of my wallet and put the smaller ones on the keyring. The smaller ones do not get lost in with all of the larger cards this way.