Tuesday, June 14, 2011

and CVS loves me too.

I went back by CVS this afternoon because their truck normally comes in on Tuesdays (the fact that I know this is probably not a good sign). I wanted to see if they had restocked the razor blade refills and maybe a few of the items that I had rain checks for. I had no luck on the rain check items (that's okay though, the rain checks never expire) but the blade refills were in.

Yesterday I was able to get the Schick Hydro 5 Blade razor for free (I'm also currently using a razor just like it). So, today I made sure to get the correct blades to fit these razors.

Here's a breakdown of what I did tonight.

$8.79         Hydro 5 refills
$2.99         Paper Plates (we were out, no great deals)
-2.00         Coupon for Hydro 5 refills
-9.78         Paid with Extra Care Bucks earned yesterday
    .82         Out of pocket (still had to pay the tax)

But then I got $4.00 more in extra care bucks back. So the store paid me $3.18 to take these two items.

I have $9.00 in extra care bucks left from yesterday plus the $4.00 from today giving me $13.00 more to play with when the new deals start or my rain check items are restocked. Who knows, I may just blow it all on something stupid. Nah, you know I won't. Even when I treat myself, I try to still get the biggest bang for my Extra Care Buck.

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