Saturday, May 14, 2011

CVS Haul for 5/12/11

I went to CVS today on my lunch hour and did pretty well. I really didn't get a large amount of items but the items I got were pricey.

Here is a breakdown of my trip:

Revlon Custom Eyes Shadow                                       $  8.99
Revlon Color Stay Quad Eye Shadow                           $  6.99
Aleve, 200 ct.                                                              $16.79
Zyrtec, 5 ct.                                                                $  6.29
Carefree 20 ct.                                                            $   .99
4- packs of Stride gum                                                $ 4.00
2-bottles Herbal Essences Shampoo                            $ 5.97

                                       Total before anything            $52.49 (with tax)
After I turned in all my coupons my total was                $21.10
                                           Initial savings                  $31.39

But wait, there's more, I also received $13.00 in Extra Care Bucks so that brings my out of pocket down to $8.10 for $52.49 worth of merchandise. Plus I have the extra care bucks to use on the next sale to hopefully be out of pocket next to nothing. Can you imagine paying $52.49 for what I got? I know some people do, but not this chick!!!

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