Sunday, May 29, 2011

Buy Used and Save the Difference

True, there are certain things that you always want to buy new, undergarments come first to mind. But for a lot of items, you can find them used and save the difference for yourself. Why not let someone else take the hit of the new price for you?

I don't get all my clothes used, but I will tell you that most of my nicer pieces have come from yardsales. Some of my favorite pieces of furniture are also second-hand. I look at yardsales and thrift stores as treasure hunts. You never know what you will find and sometimes it's even unique. I love finding interesting, unique items that aren't items you can just run out and find in a store. It makes them special. I also find a lot of new items too though. Who doesn't love brand new items at yardsale prices? I sure do, the more money I save the more giddy I get. Again, the more money I save, the more I can put towards paying the mortgage off and being debt free.

Plus, the treasure hunting is fun. You get to meet interesting people and even get in a little exercise. You also get to see items with any kind of second hand shopping that you wouldn't normally see or maybe didn't even know existed.

We also enjoy going to auctions when we have the time. Think climate controlled yardsale with a snack bar! It's neat to see all the different items and have a chance to take part in how much the item is sold for. Again, I have gotten some awesome deals this way too. There have been several times that I have found items I really wanted and started bidding and had nobody else bidding. I end up with the item for next to nothing!

The next time that you have an item that you need, be it a car, furniture, clothing, lawn equipment or whatever, why not check out some yardsales, auctions, thrift stores or even Craigslist to get the item you need and save some money to boot.

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  1. We have a second hand store in Athens, that has sales! All the price tags are colored according to the week they were put out. They try to only have an item in the store for 1 month at most. If an item has been on the shelf for 2 weeks it gets marked down to 25% off, if there for 3 weeks then 50% and the best is when it has been there for 4 weeks and is reduced to 75% off. Combine that with the 10% off coupon that they put in the "Little Coupon Book" every month and you can really rack up!