Thursday, May 19, 2011

Actually had a good trip to Walmart

If you've been to any of my coupon classes, you will surprised at the title of this article. In the past it has been difficult to save money with coupons at Walmart, but I admit their new coupon policy is pretty cool.

I did a small test trip today and was very pleased with the results.

In the photo there is a t-shirt, 3 boxes of Crystal Light Energy and 2 bottles of NYC nail polish.

$7.00     T-shirt
$2.00     Crystal Light
$2.00     Crystal Light
$2.00     Crystal Light
$1.72     Nail Polish
$1.72     Nail Polish

$16.44   Total for items shown.
-  9.72   Coupons given
$ 6.72   Out of pocket !!!

I may have to add Walmart into my rotation with the new coupon policy. I noticed that my store not only takes competitor store coupons from CVS, Target and Kroger but will also price-match as well.

If you haven't taken a look at the coupon policy yet, it's worth a look.

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