Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Want Free Soft Drinks?

I honestly haven't paid for soft drinks in a couple of years or more. How you say? Well, we participate in the Coke rewards program. There are Coke reward codes on the boxes that hold can drinks and under the caps on bottle Coke products. For example, a 12 pack of can drinks will get you 10 points and each cap is worth 3 points. You go to the website http://www.mycokerewards.com/ and enter in your codes (up to 120 each week) and then you can use your points for all kinds of things (magazine, entertainment, Coke products, sweepstakes entries, etc). We use our points to "purchase" certificates for free 12 packs. Using these certificates we are able to get free soft drinks and have for the last couple of years.

I even take it a step further and try to save my certificate for really good sales to make the most of them. Publix will normally run their 12 packs on sale for "Buy 2 get 1 free". I can then use only 2 of my certificates but end up with 3 free 12 packs! I will also use them for CVS sales where you get extra care bucks with Coke purchases. So not only do I get free Coke products, but I also get "bucks" to use on other products at CVS.

The codes are on all Coke products but you can also check the website out to see what different size products are worth in points and all the products that you can find the codes on. Sometimes Jason and I will take our dog Sofie to the local ball field and find tons of caps from Powerade bottles just lying around. We're not very squimish, but we do wash them off. Another place that we sometimes find codes in at the dump. No, we don't dumpster dive! But we do recycle our cardboard and when we put our cardboard in the container, we sometimes find Coke product boxes that still have the codes attached. SCORE!

This may all sound silly and/or gross to you, but to us it's a very easy way to get free products that we would normally have to spend our money on. If we're not having to spend our money on things we can get for free, then it frees it up for use on other things.

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