Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sometimes you have to spend money to save money

I know this sounds like really bad math, but as much as it pains me to say, it's true. I use coupons to save money on all kinds of things we need and use. One of the sources that I use for my coupons is the Sunday Atlanta newspaper. In fact, I have 2 subscriptions to the Sunday paper because as any couponer knows, you need two of the same coupon to really make the most of Buy 1 Get 1 deals. We also have the newspapers delivered to us to save lots of time and aggravation of having to go out for the papers. We've done that in the past and it's very frustrating to drive and get there too early, or too late for the paper delivery and go home empty handed.

My subscrition renewals just came and each subscription was $153.00 for 52 weeks. That's 2.94 per newspaper! I can get them at the store for $2.00, so $2.94 is crazy and I have two subscriptions so that's even more crazy. All I had to do was call the subscription department and ask if there was a lower rate for me. In no time at all they offered me a rate of $114.00 for 52 weeks. One phone call saved me $39.00 per subscription for a total of $78.00 and all I had to do was ask! The rate of $114.00 for 52 weeks brings the price of each paper down to $2.19. That's still a little more than the store price, but with the price of gas and someone actually bringing the papers to me, I will happily pay the .38 cents each week delivery charges for my 2 newspapers.

If you are wondering if I save enough with coupons to warrant spending the $228.00 per year on the subscriptions, yes I do. I went to Publix twice this week and was able to save $94 with coupons and that was only 2 trips. That savings almost pays for one of the subscriptions right there. So while I DO NOT enjoy spending the $228 to get the newspapers I know that I will quickly recoup that investment and save tons of money with it.

Remember, it doesn't hurt to ask for a better rate - nicely. The worst answer you can get is no, but you may be surprised at just what a savings you can get just by asking.

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  1. Hey Tonya, I think it would be interesting if you did a blog post on a couple of your grocery store or drugstore hauls! I would love to see how much money you saved!