Monday, April 25, 2011

Saving Green by Reducing, Rusing & Recycling, Part 3


Now let's say you're standing over your trash can to throw something away, have you checked to see if it can be recycled? A lot of people I know would say "no" here. Where we live there are not a ton of items that will be taken for recycling but I bet people would still be suprised to find out what you can recycle.

In our area that is cardboard, glass, metal, # 1 and # 2 plastics, and paper. When we started actually sorting our trash we were shocked at how much of our trash could be recycled. Since we do separate our trash we don't have to go to the dump as often either. A little side note on this....we actually take our trash and recycling to the dump instead of paying for trash service. We're lucky to live only about 3 miles from a waste center so we're also able to save money that way.

It honestly doesn't take very much time and why wouldn't you do it. I look at recycling as cleaning up after myself. I try to treat the Earth with respect and not send things to the dump that can be recycled. I don't want any more of my items than necessary sitting in a landfill for hundreds or thousands of years just because I was too lazy to throw them in a different bin than the trash. We only have so much room for trash and can only bury so much of it before we run out of room or suffer the consequences of the stuff getting into our soil and water supply.

We only have one Earth, be nice and let's clean up after ourselves.

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