Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saving Green by Reducing, Rusing & Recycling, Part 2


Most people of middle age and younger these days have almost no concept of reusing. When an item is no longer useful for the purpose you bought it for, you chunk it in the trash. Why not instead take a minute to ask yourself, "is there any other purpose that I can use this item for or perhaps repair it"? You would be amazed what you can convert items into or how simply some things are to fix. It is true that not everything can be fixed easily or would be suitable for repurposing but why not try before simply discarding it? Old denim can be quickly made into quilts, purses, bags and many other items just to name one example of repurposing. It can actually be fun to see just how creative you can be with this. I've even recently had a post about making a toilet bowl brush out of an empty 2 liter bottle.

I would love to hear some ideas from you about things you've reused or repurposed!

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  1. This might need to go to your recycle post, but my friend Paige sends wine corks, Frito-Lay chip bags and several other items to a company called Tera Cycle. They take items that we consider trash and remake them into useful items. One example is they turn Capri Sun drink pouches into purses and book bags.The cool thing is that Tera Cycle pays for these items to be shipped to them as well as paid Non-Profits and schools for the items, its not much, but with the small budget that the Non-profits and schools have every little bit helps.