Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Following the Neon Signs

I admit it, I love yardsales. I don't fully enjoy having a yardsale because they're hard work, but I love the smell of a yardsale on Saturday mornings. I always said that I could probably write a book on yardsales and of course the title would be "Following the Neon Signs" because good yardsale signs are on neon poster board.

Whether you call them yardsales, garage sale or tag sales, they're all great ways to save money. Some of the best clothes that I have owned have came from yardsales at pennies on the dollar for what the clothes would have cost in a store setting. Plus, there is the adventure of not knowing what you will find. It's a cheap way to treasure hunt and to also find items you need or want for next to nothing out of pocket.

Some of my favorite types of yardsales are below:

Community Yardsale- one stop shopping, many homes in one location. Less driving & more deals.

Divorce Yardsale - person having yardsale is selling ex's items for almost no money for spite (sounds terrible but you get amazing deals) See picture below, bet you thought I was making this one up.

Charity Yardsales - sellers usually aren't emotionally attached to the items so they sell them low.

And of course, last but not least, The World's Longest Yardsale - 4 days and over 600 miles of sales!

You can of course also make money with yardsales by having your own. One of the main things I recommend when having your own yardsale is to advertise. It is well worth the $5 or $10 to put your listing in the local newspaper and put out good signs. You get a lot more traffic with advertising because the hard-core yardsalers like myself use the newspaper listings to plan out our shopping day and only hit the non-advertised sales if there is time or we happen to pass by them. My second tip is to make your sign easy to read. Don't try to put too much information on the sign, a person driving by can only read so much as they pass your sign. I recommend only putting things like "Yardsale, 123 Fourth Street, 8-2" and an arrow pointing the way. Your shopper can see the great things you have to sell once you get them there. Also, use dark markers and neon poster board! I can't tell you how many signs that I've seen on cardboard written in regular ball point pen. You just cannot read those driving by. Neon paper makes them easy to spot and the dark marker with large letters or numbers makes them easy to read quickly. Last tip on the signs, don't put them out until the morning of the sale. True, you have to get them out really early, but if you put them out the night before the dew will cause them to warp and/or fall apart before you even get started the next morning.

Jason and I are on vacation this week and are headed to a huge community yardsale on Friday. I will post some of our treasures later. We're also having a yardsale on May 7th in our neighborhood and I'll let you know how we did on that too.

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