Saturday, April 30, 2011

Door Knob Repair Savings

Jason realized one of our door knobs wasn't working the other day and tried to find out why. After working on it for a while he realized that spring inside the middle piece has stopped working (the part connected to the strike plate).

Our knobs were still working fine and the lock was already keyed to match the other locks on the house so we really didn't want to have to replace the entire unit. We did a little research and found that on average a new locking door knob set is around $30.00 and the just the replacement part that we needed was around $12.00 ordered online.

I put the broken part we had in a bag and carried it with me as we shopped different places so that we could match the mechanisms and manufacturer up. Then I had the idea to check the Habitat for Humanity Resell Store. We found an exact match for our broken part in great working order and get this......we spent $.25 for it. It was priced at $.50 and they were having a 50% off sale that day. So we were able to fix the door for a whopping $.25 saving us $29.75 off the cost of a new door knob plus having to deal with a second door key or the expense of having all the locks rekeyed to match again; and we saved $11.75 over the cost of a new replacement part online.

I love being able to save money on things that really don't interest me that much so that we have more money to spend of the things we enjoy. This was just one example of that, anyone else have a similar story?

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