Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wondering about all the chicken from yesterday? Freezer Meals!

Do we like chicken that much? Well we do seem to eat a lot of chicken, but that amount of chicken will do us for some time. One of the ways that we save money, but more importantly, time and energy is to do freezer meals.

What are freezer meals? Well the way that I go about them is to sometimes precook the meal(s) and then freeze them for use later. I also do the prep work for meals, then freeze them. Once thawed, all I have to do is pop them in the oven, put on the stove or grill once I get home from work in the evenings.

I make a list of the meals that I have in the freezer and just pick one in the morning or the day before to thaw, then most of the work is done for me once I get home. If you're like me, when I get home in the afternoon from work, I'm pooped! The last thing I want to do is stand around in the kitchen all evening. The sofa has a much stronger gravitational pull for me than the stove or oven I can assure you! In fact, I almost called this blog the lazy way to debt free because of my desire for energy conservation (my energy that it).

Usually I get an idea of what meals I either want to have or new recipes to try and gather my ingredients. Then either on a Saturday or Sunday I cook or do the prep work on the entire list. You can break up your work load over more than one day, but I just like to do it in one day and be done with it.

Depending on what type of things I'm cooking I may be in the kitchen a couple of hours or the afternoon, but that's with lots of breaks built in (again energy conservation). It is so worth it to me to put the time in one day and reep the benefits for a month of quick meals and less take-out.  I'll post more information on my next freezer cooking day in case anyone is interested.

I would suggest starting out small and then moving on from there. That way you won't get overwhelmed right from the start and give up. There are several recipe books out just for freezer cooking or you can also search on the internet for "freezer cooking", "once a month cooking", or "freezer meals".

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  1. If you are ever interested in doing "freezer meal" exchanges - let me know! I'd be interested!

    I'm in the process of getting my own personal blog going and coupon classes scheduled.

    I live in Cartersville.