Thursday, March 24, 2011

Recent cuts to some of our expenses

Here are some of the things we’ve done recently to lower our expenses and have more money to pay towards our mortgage.

The first thing we did was to cancel our landline service. Most everyone who called us used our cell phones anyway, so we felt like we were only paying to get calls from telemarketers. Once we realized that you don’t have to have landline phone service for internet service it seemed like a no-brainer to us. Honestly, we haven’t missed it one bit and have knocked about $35 off of our expenses.  (Yearly savings approximately $420.00 per year)

Second, we looked at our cell phone plan. It seems like for the most part we use texting more than we using phone calls. We have a pretty sizeable family share cell phone plan, but when I looked back over our bills we weren’t coming anywhere near our phone minutes. I looked over the plans and found what I thought would be better for us and save about $25 per month.  I called our service provider and had them run their own analysis (they can do this with a touch of a button and are happy to do it for you for free) and they came up with the same plan that I had.  (Yearly savings approximately $300.00 per year)

We were motivated to look at our other expenses for the same type of savings. Next on the table was our satellite service. I looked over the plans and what channels each tier offered. I realized that the extra tier we were paying more money for basically only had 1 extra channel that we watched sporadically. That 1 channel definitely wasn’t worth the extra $25 per month we were paying for it so off with its head! (Yearly savings approximately $300.00 per year)

I will say that if I had found that we were watching a lot of the other extra tier channel that I would have left it alone. I don’t want to strip us down to the bare minimum on enjoyment just to save the most possible money that I can save. It makes it easier to budget and work towards being debt free if we’re not miserable doing it.

So, just by looking over 3 expenses we were able to lower our expenses by around $85 per month and $1,020 per year and honestly didn’t notice one bit of difference in our enjoyment of these services.

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